Mindfulness for better Mental Health

The evidence strongly suggests that mindfulness training can help with depression, anxiety, pain management course for clinical, non-clinical groups and staff teams.

This evidence based online therapeutic course reduces levels of stress, depression and anxiety and helps maintain and enhance general wellbeing for a more wakeful and happier life.

A proven and lasting approach to better mental health.

Attending one of our structured 8-week courses is the start of your transformation.

Mindfulness training opens up a more spacious way of being, even when life is at its most challenging. The evidence based 8-week (1.5hrs pw) Mindfulness training for the general public is a fantastic investment in your emotional well-being. Mindfulness brings together modern psychology and the ancient wisdom of meditation to help us live more fully and with a greater sense of perspective. Mindfulness is having an awareness that arises from paying attention to our experience in the present moment, with curiosity, compassion, and acceptance.

Mindfulness courses are arranged according to demand and bespoke to the needs of the individuals that are expressing an interest. If you are interested in a place for get in touch here to arrange a chat or to apply .  All courses aim to cultivate mindful awareness of our body, emotions and mind so that we can live our lives with a greater sense of wellbeing, kindness and resilience to meet life’s challenges.


Mindfulness for better Mental Health

A proven and lasting approach to better mental health, helping with depression, anxiety, pain management.